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DiMarinisi & Wolfe, Architects Urban Designers, was founded in 1979 by Anthony J. DiMarinisi and Maury I. Wolfe. The firm is a small business partnership engaged in the provision of architectural and urban design services to a wide range of municipal, institutional, business and private clients.

Mr. DiMarinisi and Mr. Wolfe have over fifty years of professional experience, working on projects of all types and sizes. Their work has included designs and studies for municipal offices, research laboratories, police stations, prisons and jails, schools, colleges, offices, transportation facilities, parking garages, public works garages, industrial plants, recycling plants, water and wastewater treatment buildings, commercial buildings, private residences, apartment buildings, stables and urban design schemes.

Because DiMarinisi & Wolfe is a smaller firm, our principals are fully involved in all projects. It is our belief that because of our principals' extensive experience and complete involvement in all projects, we provide the highest level of professional services together with careful regard for a client's needs of program, schedule and budget.

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