Area A Police Station
Boston, MA

The work of the Area A Police Station renovations concentrated on the exterior and first floor interior of the main downtown police station in Boston.

The exterior work included the rehabilitation of the exterior terrace surrounding the station, including the restoration of the deck concrete, a new waterproofing membrane and new terrace paving. The exterior work also included the provision of a new handicap accessible entrance by building a new ramp and entry vestibule. Other exterior work included roof replacement, masonry pointing and repairs, and a new entry storefront doors and windows.  

The interior work on the main floor of the station included reorganization of the entry lobby to improve security, refurbishing the detainee areas and cell block, improvements to the police operations area and upgrading of the HVAC system. Station security was improved through the design and construction of a new main control desk, which provides for reception and service to the public and also limits access to the police operations areas.

This project was the second  one executed by D&W at the Area A Station; previously D&W designed the Juvenile Detention Center for the city, which is housed on the top floor of the Area A Station.