Highway Department Facility
Stamford, CT

The new Highway Department Facility includes a 44,000 square foot main building, housing administrative and staff support spaces, a vehicle maintenance and wash areas. In addition to the main building, the project includes a salt and sand shed, covered bin storage, covered storage area for sander racks and a debris/waste drop-off station.

D&W's design for the main building is a simple and elegant flat-roofed, concrete block masonry structure with punched openings for the doors and windows. A small tower over the entrance to the administrative wing shows where the public entrance to the facility is and recognizes the civic importance of the building.

D&W's services for the project have included programming the facility, management of the architectural and engineering design team and full architectural design services from services from schematic through construction documents.

The Stamford Highway Department Facility was completed in March 2004 and is currently in use.