Materials Recycling Facility
Springfield, MA

The Springfield Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) is the major recycling facility in western Massachusetts.  It processes over 250 tons per day of bottles, cans, plastic and paper waste.D&W worked closely with the City of Springfield, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the MRF operator to make the project a success. The major design goals were to design an industrial facility with durable, cost effective materials, to create a pleasing appearance acceptable to abutting residential neighbors, and to develop a site plan that keeps industrial usage areas away from the main public facade. The site development had to be done to allow efficient and safe truck operations, to provide for rail transit of recyclables, and to safeguard two of Springfield's main water supply lines, which run through the site. 

The design divided the project into three components: a bottle and can processing pavilion, a paper baling pavilion, and an administrative / support building. Site goal plans were met by separating the process portions of the facility into two identically sized, high-bay process wings, connected by the lower administration / support building. 

The Springfield MRF has been operating successfully for over three years and has been awarded design honors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Division of Capital Planning and Operations and the Boston Society of Architects Chapter of the AIA, including an award for design excellence and an award for sustainable design.