Rutland Public Safety Complex
Rutland, MA

DiMarinisi & Wolfe was commissioned by the Town of Rutland, Massachusetts, to design  renovations and an addition to the existing Rutland Fire Department Building to convert it into the Rutland Public Safety Complex, which will house the fire, police, dispatch and EMT operations of the Town.

DiMarinisi & Wolfe's design services included the programming and design of a 3.5 million dollar facility to meet the Town's needs for the next twenty-five years and programming and design of a more limited 2.2 million dollar facility to meet the Town's current needs.

The final design, the 3.5 million dollar facility was designed as an addition onto the existing Fire Station in a way that made the combined facility handsome addition to the Rutland Town Center, matching and enhancing the brick masonry fabric of the existing Rutland Fire Station.

The new Station has been occupied since the summer of 2002.