Vehicle Maintenance & Storage Facility
New Bedford, MA

The new Vehicle Maintenance & Storage Facility at the DPW yard in New Bedford includes a vehicle storage area, a full maintenance garage and staff support spaces in a 15,000 square foot building.

The facility was designed as a steel frame, flat roofed structure with ground face concrete masonry (block) walls. The design ideas were (1) to make a very functional rectangular plan with staff support spaces sitting between the storage and maintenance bays; (2) to use durable, good quality, relatively inexpensive materials; and (3) to use color, and simple shapes to enliven both the interior and exterior. The large garage doors and square clerestory windows were treated as punched openings in the smooth, buff colored ground faced masonry walls and the interior was brightly painted. A special feature of the maintenance bays was the inclusion of doors at both sides to allow good ventilation in the summer and to ease maneuvering of vehicles in tandem repair bays.