Middlesex Community College
Bedford, MA

The Middlesex Community College Bedford Campus was split between a state-owner parcel and rental apace at the VA Hospital approximately one-mile away.  The problem for the Bedford Campus Consolidation project was to develop a campus masterplan that was acceptable to the local community, satisfactorilly addressed all environmental concerns, and met the College's educational and operational goals for a population equivalent to 1,200 full-time students.  The Commonwealth determined that the most expeditious method to meet the College's pressing needs for a consolidated campus was to execute the project's site and building work as a modular construction contract.  The designer's problem was how to turn the existing haphazard campus into a completed, well-organized facility with the image of a New England college.

The program for the campus consolidation required approximately 104,000 net square feet of new building construction, parking for 960 cars, and a new campus road system paralleling Springs Road.  The environmental issues for the project included crossing a wetland, controlling drainage to wetlands, removal of hazardous materials from an abandoned dump, and improving traffic safety along Springs and Manning Roads.

The new building program for the campus was subdivided into seven functional components: Student Support Center, Academic Building, Central Administration, One Stop Student Services, Student Union, Arts Building and Facilities Management Building.

The buildings were arranged to develop the new Campus Green by using the existing Buildings 4,5 & 6 to form the east end of the main campus space, placing the academic buildings along the north side of the Green, and the administration and student services building along the south side.  The west end of the Green is left open as the ceremonial entry to the campus.

The completed RFP design package included design development drawings for the site work; floor plans for the buildings; and the building image requirements.  The completeness and specificity of the RFP is designed to insure that the modular construction responds properly to Middlesex Community College's need to develop a coherent New England college campus that is well-suited to its site and community.