Massachusetts State Police Horse Barn
Acton, MA

The Massachusetts State Police Horse Barn provides winter quarters for twelve horses, administrative space for the State Police Mounted Unit, and  a year round riding/training ring. The facility was designed by DiMarinisi & Wolfe to be an appropriate addition to the New England landscape in which it is set. the design idea of the project is the massing together of three different functional units of the complex, keeping their shapes and identities separate while at the same time connecting them efficiently in the traditional manner of New England farmsteads.

The horse barn is constructed of traditional materials - principally wood, plywood and corrugated metal - in order to keep the project's cost modest and its appearance in harmony with its purpose. The project's design uses three different scales - human, horse and man on horse - one in each of its three components and combines them into a larger whole. It also uses three different colors to distinguish the three units - white, red and blue-gray - with the white  serving as a unifying trim color throughout. To add visual interest and some symbolism to the project, the facility design includes the traditional colors of the flag and the Mass. State Police, the figure of a man at the barn door front, and a horse weathervane and a cupola above the administrative office.

The Massachusetts State Police Horse Barn as designed by DiMarinisi & Wolfe is an example of how to make an interesting, modern architectural whole which meets a clients specific functional needs using traditional vernacular forms and materials.