Hanson Town Hall Renovations & Addition
Hanson, MA

DiMarinisi & Wolfe was commissioned to study the Hanson town Hall to determine the renovations and/or additions needed to make the original 1872 Victorian building and its rear ell into an up-to-date town office building meeting current and future town space needs and complying with accessibility regulations.

The DiMarinisi & Wolfe study showed that the existing Town Hall had a considerable number of deficiencies, including inadequate meeting spaces, insufficient office space, inadequate storage areas, lack of H.C. accessibility to the second floor, structurally inadequate floor and roof framing, toilets that were not H.C. accessible the use of cesspools in subsurface waste disposal, no emergency generator, inadequate parking, a deteriorating site at the edge of the adjacent pond, and deteriorating exterior clapboard and wood trim.

A thorough review of the Town Hall's operational and space needs showed that a program providing 6,580 net square feet (NSF) of usable building area would satisfy the town's municipal office requirements currently and for the foreseeable future. DiMarinisi & Wolfe investigated alternate schemes to meet this programmatic need with a combination of renovations and additions to the existing Town Hall.

The DiMarinisi & Wolfe design, which is nearing completion of construction, provides a three story addition to the side of the existing Town Hall building and kept the renovations within the existing Town Hall to a minimum. The addition is a respectful re-presentation of the architectural character of the original Victorian building and provides a new accessible main building entrance, a large new Selectmen's Meeting Room, additional administrative offices and supports spaces, accessible toilets for all three floors of the Town Hall and an elevator.