Gay Head Town Hall
Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, MA

The Gay Head Town Hall addition is located off the west wing of the existing town hall. It is designated to form a courtyard on the site. The town hall addition is a gable-roofed, wood frame building. The exterior envelope consists of wood shingles, wood windows with white wood trim, and fiberglass roof shingles. A painted wood trellis crosses the site's entrance, making a gateway into the courtyard and a path to the new addition's main entrance. A wood platform connects the back entrance of the Addition to the existing Town Hall and serves as a stage for outdoor town events in the courtyard. The massing and appearance of the new building are intended to reflect the construction themes of the existing Town Hall. Site development includes landscaping and gravel parking areas for visitors and staff vehicles. The new building is totally handicap accessible.

The new addition to the town hall was such a success that the town commissioned DiMarinisi & Wolfe to provide additional renovations to the existing town hall's west wing to provide a Police Barracks and make the facility accessible to the handicapped. The renovations, which were designed to match the new addition, are now complete and the Town Hall complex, including the Police Barracks and the Town Offices, are in full operation.