New Police Station
Edgartown, MA

The new Edgartown Police Station has been designed as a three story building in character with its surroundings on Martha's Vineyard. The police station includes all the spaces necessary for operation of a small town (summer resort) police force except a full detention facility; there is a processing and holding area to accommodate detainees prior to their transfer to the county jail which is nearby.

The site is relatively flat, sloping upward towards the northwest. The project, a new three story building consists of a lower level below grade, ground level and unfinished attic. Site development includes parking for visitors, police and staff vehicles, and an impound area for vehicles.  The building  is designed as a gable roofed wood frame structure structure with dormers, stair tower and porches. The massing and appearance of the building are intended to reflect a larger civic building consists of wood shingle siding, fiberglass shingles for the pitched roofs and dormers, and wood for trim, porches and canopies.