New Massachusetts State Police Station
Dartmouth, MA

The new Dartmouth Station was designed to fit a narrow site on a major commercial thoroughfare, Faunce Corner Road. Site design for the project required careful alignment of the entrance to accommodate traffic on Faunce Corner Road, including a Mass. Highway Depot on the opposite side of the road; sensitive grading to provide proper drainage groundwater recharge; and artful development of a linear plan to fit the building, parking and security arrangements to the site. The Station is laid out with four linear components, crossing at right angles - a head, which contains the public areas, control desk and detention areas; a central section, which contains the station's operational spaces; a crossing section, which contains support spaces; and an end section, which contains a garage and vehicle wash bay.

The Station design includes all necessary security measures, including bollards for entry protection, bullet resistant glazing, security cameras and remote door operators.